Winter Is Here! Custom He-Man Figures from Robotic Industries

Just in time for the release of Game of Thrones Season 7 come more custom He-Man figures from Robotic Industries. You may remember his He-Finn and Battle Jake from a couple of years ago well this time he brings us “JON SNOW”, “THE NIGHT KING” and Jon’s Direwolf, “GHOST”!

"Jon is a custom He-Man with all new sword, belts and material cape. The head retains He-Mans features but now sports Jon Snows trademark flowing locks. The Night King is based on a Skeletor figure with a whole new head sculpt as well as new sword and armour."

"Ghost is an entirely original sculpt based on the proportions of Battle Cat read for Jon to ride into battle on! All three are one off pieces at the moment but that is how He-Finn started so watch this space!"

“These customs come from my love of Game of Thrones and He-Man. Having grown up watching He-Man as a child I feel that Game of Thrones is an adult version of the cartoon.” - shared Jim Freckingham AKA Robotic Industries - “Both are set in fantastic alien worlds where magic and monsters are everyday occurrences but where as He-Man lives in a simple black and white/good and evil world. Game of Thrones is a much more complicated place with people having complex reasons for their actions and as we grow up we discover that this is much more the case.”

Grrrrrr! Wolf sculpt finally finished and painted! #sculpture #wolf #motu

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