“BIG BATTLE IN LITTLE HONG KONG” Silk Screen Print by Rockin’Jellybean (Slightly NSFW) - Celebrating How2work’s 15th Anniversary

“BIG BATTLE IN LITTLE HONG KONG” is a Silk Screen Print celebrating Hong Kong brand How2Work (TAGGED #onTOYSREVIL), featuring character collectibles released by said brand (*Can you recognise them?), with this illustration unmistakably by Rockin’Jellybean releasing August 5th - available ONLY IN-STORE at Erostika Harajuku and Nagoya outlets!

In an edition of 150pcs, each priced 14,040yen and sized 800 x 480mm (With wood frame is priced at 9,720yen), maybe it’s time to sort out your friends/mules Or simply email “info@erostika.net” for inquiries, although they did state (they) don’t ship this item to Hong Kong, Taiwan and China.

UPDATED: Availability via EMAIL, with 50pcs put aside for online orders, with folks interested are to email direct “info@how2work.com.hk” from August 3, 2017 AM 09:00 am to 21:00 pm (Hong Kong time)! Price is HK$988 (+ shipping). One order per person.
"If the number of subscribers is more than 50, 50 subscribers will be decided by lottery. (If you find a duplicate e-mail address to submit an application, will cancel the eligibility) Successful subscribers will email individual notifications by August 8th.
* If there is any dispute, How2work reserves the right of final decision."
"How2work was founded in 2001 with the passion and expertise in creation of high quality figures and collectibles. They act as the design catalyst and specialize in transforming images to 3D products. Recently, They also took part in the exhibition curation, which includes the design, production and installation of large size fiberglass figures."