coarse ethos vol one CELLS Unleashes Aug 4th

We are only our cells.
They control who we are.
Our skin is just a crown.
This is what unites us.

coarse’s “Void” has evolved into the next stage of it’s split-toylike by spilling forth the myriad cuteness of one’s imaginations, with “CELLS” greeting the toy-loving public come August 4th, for when it goes on sale exclusively via (Times: 08:59 am Los Angeles / 12:59 am New York / 05:59 pm Berlin / 11:59 pm Hong Kong).

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"This 10.5” vinyl figure comes in two editions. Paranoia [limited to 299 pieces] is bursting with fevered colors, and Narcosis [limited to 299 pieces] is muted and subdued. The number of characters and the intricate detail of each element make this piece particularly complex in production."
Priced is US$185 for each. Each set contains one Family & Friends application card. ”Collect three of these cards to have access to pre-booking of all releases, an exclusive benefit for Family & Friends members.”

[ Individual mages HERE on Facebook ]

Both “beautiful” and exceedingly “haunting”, as it somewhat reminded me of equal parts AKIRA anime film (Tetsuo's fight with The Espers ... see clip below :p), and of Oats Studios’ mutated monstrosity in “ Zygote”! Yes, but of course this might only be a reference for folks who have watched the short film… *cough*
"CELLS is the first part in the coarse – Ethos series, and its two color ways will complement future pieces. coarse – Ethos merges coarse's bright and dark aesthetics in a line of surreal and mysterious sculptures. Void and his cells come securely packed inside a color-printed gift box and embedded in black sponge. Let Void into your life. Let his cells become your own."