DARWIN’S REVENGE by Paul Jackson x Mighty Jaxx for August 5th Release

Mighty Jaxx has just revealed an upcoming collectible titled “DARWIN’S REVENGE” - featuring the illustrations of Paul Jackson brought to toy-life has a collectible 6” tall polystone figure, available online for US$120 - releasing August 5th at www.mightyjaxx.com!

In a limited edition of only 100pcs, I am personally LOVING this piece, in an inspired color choice of Gold on Black, while bringing me down celluloid-memory lane to the days of 1997’s “Men In Black”, when the dying member of the “Arquillian” royal family operating within the faux-human-head of “Rosenberg” was first “revealed”! I’ve always enjoyed the notion of someone/thing else manipulating our thoughts and actions from within our brain-pans LOL

And NO, please do not evoke “Pluto Nash”, I forbid you! LOL

Scroll thru for plenty more snaps - including WIP sketches - and a spiffy 360 view of the faux-gorilla severed head!

The illustration (he collectible is based on) is an official “Pearl Jam” screen print (seen above) which he had had on sale but since Sold Out, to which @pauljacksonlives mentioned; ”The print is supposed to be a kitsch 1950s Sci-Fi comic book cover imitation. Its Darwin inside a giant robot ape which seems to have had its head ripped off…”