Day One @ Artist Market for Illustration Arts Fest 2017 (Aug 12)

The 2nd annual Illustration Arts Fest has since stated and was in full force at LaSalle College of the Arts (McNally St. Campus), and the Artist Market is FREE entry to the public!

Scroll thru for some quick snapshots of the booths/tables that can be found, and get your CASH ready for “Day Two” on Sunday August 13th, for when they open 11am and close at 6.30pm, and you’ll have to wait another full year before being able to busk in IAF!

P/S#1: There’s more images to be had, but these were instagrammed first (with hashtag #TREIAF2017), thanks :)

Seen at Artist Market for #illustrationartsfest2017 #IAF2017 #TREIAF2017

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P/S#2: My Apologies to folks at #IAF2017 whom I’ve not introduced myself when I asked your permission to take pics of your booth/table. (For folks whom I’ve not specifically asked, I’ve since deleted any images). If you would rather the image of your booth/table be removed from my IG-stream, or your nick untagged, please feel free to DM me and I’ll sort you out ASAP. Thank You.

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Seen @ #IAF2017 (Day One)

Seen @ Illustration Arts Fest 2017 at the Lasalle College of the Arts (McNally Street campus) on Day One.

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Posted by TOYSREVIL on Saturday, August 12, 2017