Doktor A’s S. HAIN CO. SPIRIT DIVINATION & COMMUNICATION ENGINE as a 5” Production Dunny from Kidrobot!

Doktor A has announced this upcoming release with Kirdrobot “after this month”, with the “S. HAIN CO. SPIRIT DIVINATION & COMMUNICATION ENGINE”!

This will be his 6th production Dunny figure release with KR, but will be his first in the 5-inch tall scale! OMG, my desire for this has gone up 100-fold!
"With an original head sculpt featuring a classic Talking Board design the figure also features a wind up key and a Planchette accessory. It will be available from all Kidrobot vendors around the 26th and I should have some APs available at some point too." - shared Doktor A.

And if you have think you’d seen these before, then YES, your eyes and brains are not wrong, for Doktor A had previously released THESE guys as limited run customs circa 2015! Based off a 3" tall "Tofu" Dunny vinyl toy from Kidrobot, now folks will be able to lay their hands on a bigger version, and I’m digging into my piggy bank for this! Stay tuned for pricing and availability details!

The S. Hain Company : Spirit Divination & Communication Engine
Do you need to contact those who have passed into the aether?
Pressing questions need answering?
Legal documents need clarifying?
Words of comfort or reconciliation longed for?

Then purchase the latest in Talking Board Spirit Communicators from the S. Hain Company.
Easily talk with those who have moved into the great steam cloud via this modern mechanical miracle.

Easy to use.
Easy to clean.
And polite around the house.
(Tidily doubles as an occasional table when not in use.)