Going To Illustration Arts Fest 2017 (Aug 12-13)

Call it #FlashbackFriday, or #ThrowbackThursday (Different Timezone Edition), but these here selection of featured snaps are of my wanton-purchasing spree from last year’s Illustration Arts Fest, which has since left my personal finances in abject ruin (also blame STGCC lah :p), and naught but to twiddle my thumbs for the coming weekend’s IAF2017!

The IAF2017 is organised by ILLUSTRATORS for ILLUSTRATORS, and is a self-funded event, which you can support by purchasing tickets for the talks and workshops!

And while this is an opportunity for practitioners of the illustrative arts to share with the public and peers their craft, for non-practitioners / hobbyists such as myself, we engage the artists by gawking / photographing / chatting and purchasing their prints / publications / stickers / collectibles as we can afford to. I would really like to think a purchase of a $5 pack of stickers is as welcomed as a piece of original art costing the hundreds? Or am I too naive here? :p

Be that as it may, I would highly suggest you bring CASH (given my experience last year, not that I had any Credit to spare LOL) in Singapore Dollars. I am unsure of the ATM situation around the campus, so cannot advice otherwise, alas.

Folks interested to find out MORE about this event can check out their dedicated website at illustrationartsfest.org, and as well via their Facebook Page and Facebook Events Page.

LASALLE College of the Arts campus at 1 McNally Street is located between Short Street and Prinsep Street. Postal code is “187940” (in case you’re GPS-ing it). Access via MRT is closest at Rochor, Exit A (2-minute walk), and I cannot wait to change stations at Bugis MRT tomorrow hahahaha :)

Note that the festivities begin at 10:30am for when (Ticketed) Talks of the day starts, while the Artist Market (Free Entry) opens from 11am til 6:30pm daily.

Food spots surround the campus (so no doubt there are ATMs maybe?), and as well there is a cafe on campus, so no worried feeding your belly or to sooth your collective parched throats!

Here’s a look-back at last year’s IAF2016, where you’ll see the (near) exact Artist Market “in action”! OR, check out my snaps of my visit on the 2016 Edition!

"The IAF is focused on originally created content and narratives by independent illustrators who work in styles and art forms which are not commonly seen in other festivals in Asia, it is a platform for Illustrators around the world to showcase and celebrate with our audience the excitement and passion for Illustration ! We hope to run this event annually with your support!"