Huck Gee Steps Away from the Designer Toy Scene

Huck Gee officially announces his stepping away from being a full time artist/designer in the Designer Toy Scene. In his journal entry titled “Today”, he shares the following;
"Today I close the doors to my studio and begin the process of shuttering Huck Gee Inc. Today I begin packing up the last 15 years of my life as a creative. Today marks a turning point in my career as an artist and designer. Today I begin looking for a new path.

I’m sure I’ll still be creating. I just couldn’t make Designer Toys work as a full time career any more."

You can also read the rest of his entry here, or you can read to his announcement via his Facebook post here and here, his instagram post, and as well on For the status of his current collectibles, he added (FYI: Clickable URL links to coverage of TOYSREVIL);
"The Blank will continue. I’m in talks with my good friends at Clutter for them to take over the design, production and distribution of The Blank for the foreseeable future. They’re going to do great things with it. I’m thankful they made this opportunity available. The Blank deserves to prosper.

Gold Life will still be continuing under Mighty Jaxx but with more spread out, focused, limited releases. Wolf Rider is happening.

I also have a very special project currently being produced with my good friends at BAIT. They knew I held a special place in my soul for the Robotech universe. And when the license became available recently, they snapped it up to work with me on it. And I have to admit, I created some really outstanding designs with them. I might have even broke some Robotech canon (I like breaking things). I can’t wait to see these in person. I think you’ll like them too."

My first “introduction” to “Huck Gee” was on former UK-based toy new website “Vinyl Abuse”, who had organised a group art show “Gee Whizz” (full show name: “Gee Whizz - A Japanese Need for Speed: Samurai And Fast Cars “), with the aim to benefit’s Huck’s then “legal fund”, for when he was threatened to be deported from the country (details of which can be now read on
"Things were going well for Huck until October 2005 when, on returning from a trip to Asia, he had a run-in with the US Department of Homeland Security. Never having applied for citizenship, Huck had a British passport and was living on a Green Card. While he'd been away, his past had come back to haunt him." (Reported
The toy and art show (circa 2-9 April 2006), was one of my first eye-opener too, to the notion of a “group art show”, and served as well an introduction to many more names in the scene. I’d mentioned it excruciatingly briefly during the early days of the TOYSREVIL-blog, when I was still pointing to folks’ website (instead of swiping pics to post on my own :p)

The very first time I had Huck Gee’s work on the blog well-n-proper, was a decade ago back in 2007, featuring his variant design versions for Keith Poon’s SHARKY (pic seen above), and subsequently I’d have a memorable online interview with him, when “Akumabomb” was released with Kidrobot.

I’ve also had his art on the blog, in two labels actually (not out of any reasons besides my own inability to keep track of my tags :p) with “huck gee” and “huckgee”, so no, there is no definitive click to read ALL his works with a singular click (:p), but hopefully you’ll be able to see the breath of his work in the scene for the last decade (at the least?) on this humble blog.

(P/S: I’ll still have the fond memories of your toys to remember you by)

“Luckily” for us, Huck Gee has been in Singapore twice in recent years, for the local toy con, where his Blank was Stolen in 2015, and where I managed to shake his hand and take a fanboy-snap with him (and a “fanboy” I remain still), and in 2016 when he was an invited guest of Mighty Jaxx for his “Gold Life” releases (Snagged the releases, but never met the man again).

A legacy of art and inspiration to many creators and fans (as testimonals flood in on his social media), and TOYSREVIL would love to “Thank You” for what you have done for the toy scene thus far, Mr Gee!

Huck Gee might be stepping away from “working full time” in the toy-scene, but we hope he is not leaving the scene completely, and look forward to be seeing his toy-art, if ever they pop-up in our stratosphere!

Wishing Huck Gee a splendid future ahead :)