Introducing KID KATANA by 2PetalRose

2PetalRose shares with us snaps and an update of his KID KATANA figure - which should be available to pre-order in the next couple of weeks and be available in 2 editions!
"Each mini figure is roughly 3.5 inches tall and comes with a katana, printed scroll, Base & printed sashimono. All hand cast and painted by me. (Please note this mini figure does not come with a helmet… just rocking the top knot).” - shared Liam Scriven of 2PetalRose.
The design aesthetics follows thru his earlier traditional Japanese samurai-themed “Maiko” series, and presents instead a “kid” character, which in itself is an epic "story" of adventure waiting to be told!

The release size for this figure has yet to be confirmed, but we’ll update once details are more firmed. Meanwhile, scroll thru to view the toy-evolution of KID KATANA!

I’ve had the concept for this figure for a couple of years now and to see it finally come together is quite something. Now I usually don’t do a lot of sketching before I create a figure because when I start sculpting the character inevitably always evolves and changes to something else. With Kid Katana I really wanted the design to stay as true to my initial vision as possible. I know very little about the digital sculpting world but I had been following the work of Oasim Karmieh aka @pixelbudah and knew I had to commission him to do it. As you can see from this picture and all the others floating about, he absolutely killed it. Not only did he manage to reflect my vision and design but joined up a lot of dots that were loosely thought out. I’d like to thank him for putting up with my continuous badgering, editing, random sketches and ridiculously loose ideas. It wasn’t easy giving the sculpting over to someone else but he’s been an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you bro you talented b*stard. I will have release details and pre-order info soon. #japanesestyle #japan #samurai #pixelbudahforthewin #2petalrose #resin #resintoy #toyart #arttoy #katana #toys #toydesigner #japanese #arttoy

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