My EPIC #IAF2017 Scores!

I had SG$25 bucks to spend at the Artist Market for 2nd annual Illustration Arts Fest (weekend of Aug 12-13), which I knew was a pathetically feeble notion, BUT the PLAN was to score as much STICKERS as I could (Since featuring it on the blog) … and alas, all plans had gone up in flames, once I saw Erikartoon’s ALIEN print on metallic card! LOL

Nevertheless, here are what I scored in the end (zero stickers too, iSuck), along with a couple of freebies, for which I have since added to the mix!

Welcome to MY EPIC #IAF2017 SCORES!

Page-flip video for Fishball’s “MY GIANT GEEK BOYFRIEND”

Page-flip video for Fishball’s “MY GIANT GEEK BOYFRIEND” (Based on her webtoons “My Giant Nerdy Boyfriend”) - available at the Artist Market (WHAT: for the 2nd annual Illustration Art Fest 2017 (#onTOYSREVIL: Aug 12-13, 2017, WITH the artist in attendance! (Re:

Posted by TOYSREVIL on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Nicknamed “Fishball” (never had a chance to ask for her full name at IAF tho :p), this Malaysian artist has been heating up the www with her webtoons “My Giant Nerd Boyfriend”, since collected and published in this “My Giant Geek Boufirned”!

Check out more of her artwork and happenings on her Facebook page, and read her interview here on Singapore Comix!

My humble thanks to Jerry for the surprise gift and autograph! OMG! Never did manage to take a wefie with Fishball tho … *sob*

Page-flip for "MORE WEIRD STUFF" by James Tan

Page-flip video for James Tan’s self-published “MORE WEIRD STUFF - Another Collection of Comics and Drawings by James Tan” - Purchased at the Artist Market (WHAT: for the 2nd annual Illustration Art Fest 2017 (#onTOYSREVIL: Aug 12-13, 2017.

Posted by TOYSREVIL on Tuesday, August 15, 2017

What intrigued me more than “just being a sketchbook”, was this collection of (panel) comics stories, and look forward to reading this “MORE WEIRD STUFF” (I like “weird”), and you folks can check out more of James Tan’s art on his blog @!

Now THIS particular print from Erikartoon definitely warrants a separate standalone blogpost! And it will!

Meanwhile, do stalk her online shop for other awesomeness, including this Xenomorph art print (Digital Print on 250gsm Matt White Paper), you’d not regret it!

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Truth be told, only two items from this list were purchased with my own funds, and I am utterly thankful for Fishball’s book and the brooch :)

And while there are TONS of awesome stuff to be had, I just could not financially sate my desires for published indie goodness! (Which I figure would run me around another $300 at least? Postcards, prints and zines - could have been more than what I had spent last year, and this year’s selection with pretty tight and intriguingly attractive, showcasing more unique “original art” (than “fanart”), and less “superheroes” too LOL (BUT always LOVE the retro-Super Sentai heroes MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA) and a more “merchandising friendly” aspect of the scene - which I personally feel appeals as much to the “tourist crowd” (like myself), without loosing the prestige of the “Serious Supporter” or “connoisseur crowd” (AKA “Can afford higher priced products”), IMHO. But this is just my observation and speculation, not based on any feedback from any vendors at the event…

… and the addition of collectibles toys from Daniel Yu and Mighty Jaxx would’ve easily set me back another $400 easy (“saved” me from going to STGCC and spending more? LOL), so yeah, if anyone says “there’s nothing to buy”, then surely they’ve gone to the wrong event?!

Now to better prepare myself for #IAF2018!

So how did YOU score at #IAF2017?