Of Roller Derby Girls & Ion Men from Smash Tokyo Toys

EMME POWER The Roller Derby Girl from Smash Tokyo Toys is a 4” tall vinyl figure, Made in Japan in Japanese soft vinyl and sculpted by Siccaluna Koubo, and is available in 7 colorway/editions - currently distributed by Disburst (source of toynews) and can be had for US$15 per blind bag pull (i.e.: “figure colorway chosen at random”).

"Emme Power the Roller Derby Girl was a roller derby movement created by Tarryn McDermott in 2014 aimed at educating roller derby women and young girls about what "empowerment" really meant. In a short time, their "Everywoman Derby" logo was worn by female derby teams and jrs all over the world and Tarryn McDermott became the roller derby underdog's voice "heard around the world." The toy's "Emme Power" and "Bullet Agate" fill a void in the roller derby merchandising market as two non-sexy, non-licensed character generic women made especially for roller derby by roller derby people.

They are sold blind in varied colors including Acid Tongue Pink, Penalty Box Purple, Anatomy Clear, Cosmic Blue, Clear Rage Red, Mixed Up Parts and Toxic Personality Glow-In-The-Dark."

Also sculpted at Siccaluna Koubo, are the ION MEN vinyl figure! Designed by Matt Walls of Smash Tokyo Toys, these 4” tall sofubi entered the toy world much, much earlier before this post, but thanks to Disburst (who is also distributing them), we now have snaps to share!

Priced at US$12 per blind bagged pull, do check in with your fav retailer(s) for availability.

"7 mighty robots, sixty thousand combinations! The ION MEN are here to destroy all opposition. Seismic Ace is back in vinyl with 6 powerhouse friends with interchangeable weapons and limbs....UFO fists, deadly maces, rocket fists, robot heads and laser cannons! Robots include the resculpted Seismic King, Trojan Hoss, Murder Boner, XLR8OR88, Stroll 2.0, Centurion K16 and Battle Damaged K16."