Punakawan Studios @ Popcon Asia 2017 (Booth AAE 07)

Click thru to peep a couple of in-booth snaps of my buddy Noval N. Hernawan and his co-conspirator
Tobing Pipin at their Punakawan Studios (Artist Alley) Booth AAE 07 at the weekend Popcorn Asia (Aug 5-6)! Available is their (earlier released) first issue of “Tales From The Land Of Equator's Emerald”, AND an exclusive for this event: A Comic Con Deluxe hardcover variant, featuring art by Ario Anindito, and coloured by Arif Prianto!

Stay clued in via their Facebook and Instagram, and hit them up this weekend!

pipin Tobing signing the pre-orders... #komikindonesia #equatorsemerald #petrukgareng #popconasia2017

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Sample komik fisiknya. Sayang yang HC masih belum kering waktu video di ambil. Sampai jumpa di Popcon 2017!! 😊🤘🏻

Posted by Tales From The Land Of Equator's Emerald on Thursday, August 3, 2017
"This is the first issue of the series. Set to be a three part miniseries, The Quest for Semar explores the first adventures of the Punakawans with two youngsters with special abilities. Sets in the beautiful and humble city Yogyakarta, our heroes must face many challange from dusk till dawn. Literally..."

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