Soft Vinyl Festival 2017 (Aug 5-6) #SVF2017

Organiser for the event Angel Abby makes available their PRICE LIST for the coming Soft Vinyl Festival (#SVF2017) happening August 5th Saturday, and exhibiting thru Aug 6th Sunday @ The HUB (1/F,Fortune Building,150-158 Lockhart Road,Wan Chai,Hong Kong). Entry to the exhibition venue is ticketed.

Featured in these lists are the Normal/Regular items available for purchase (and I assume do not include one-off customs and micro-runs) at SVF2017, along with prices in Hong Kong dollar (but no quantities indicated), so you can calculate your intended damage.

CUSTOM items sale is by lottery system - with the Lottery entry box near event hall exit. Find more about the system here on Facebook.

Okay, so this is how the Price List and purchasing would work for SVF2017:

01. One page features all products from Japanese artist.
*VIP Ticket holders can select a maximum of 6 x items.
*Regular/Normal Ticket holders can select a maximum of 2 x items.

02. One page features all products from Non-Japanese artist.
*Either VIP or Normal/Regular Ticket holders can select a maximum of 2 items.

Scroll thru for a peek at some items available at SVF2017, and check out more items and further event details on the event’s dedicated Facebook page.

Yasu Ebineko 新貨售賣詳請如下: 地點:angel abby 香港英皇道14號天后蘋果商場1樓22號舖 7月14日 (星期五) 18:30~20:00 店內派發號碼籌,一人一籌,只限18-60歲人仕。(注意有籌不代表一定買到貨品) 20:05~20:15 店內進行抽選時,歡迎觀看整個流程。 如人多擠逼時,請大家切勿阻塞通道或其他店舖門囗。 20:15~21:45 被抽中的幸運兒請前來取貨,結果只在店內公佈。被抽中的幸運兒也只可購買其被抽中籌的貨品,不得選購其他款式。 如活動後仍有任何存貨,將在下一個工作日子中繼續售賣,先到先得,售完即止。 注意事項: 本店只接受現金,不接受一千元紙幣。 請自備購物袋。 籌號不得轉讓及轉售,如發現一人多籌者,立即取消其資格。 抽選開始前後,切勿阻塞通道。 活動進行期間,切勿聚集本店及其他店外。 活動當日請聽從工作人員的安排。 如活動引起混亂,是次售賣活動將會取消。 @yasu.ebinekoya #ebineko #angelabby #angelabby_hk #sofubi #sofvi #sofvitokyo #toy #vinyl #softvinyltoy #kaiju #designertoy #ソフビ #怪獣 #えびねこ

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