Tetsuya Tamanoi Dissects Takashi Murakami

"This Describing the context of this work, there is the dissection sculpture of Damien Hurst first, there is an anatomical sculpture of the eyes of the Cats of KAWS as its respect, that is the next baton."
Captioned Takashi Murakami for the image of this sculpt of himself by Tetuya Tamanoi (Scroll thru to view turnaround video), seen in his previous artwork as a manga-styled caricature of the artist himself (artwork below).

This item is shown unpainted, and I wonder if it will ever go by way of the incarnations seen in Murakami’s art? (Images circa Art Basel Hong Kong 2013)

No news/mention if this particular piece will be made available for mass consumption, or a one-off-homage (probably doubt it) tho … but IF it was made available, would YOU, my dear TOYSREVIL-readers, buy this? And what do you think would be a price-tag that works for your budget?

This new scolpture who made Tetuya Tamanoi. It is truly awesome quality! It took over a year to do here!

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Readers would most certainly see the direct similarities with the current production of 4D XXRAY collectibles from Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx, and of the half-anatomical/skeletal designs of Freeny made with 4D Master and most recently Kidrobot, and “fresh” from the recent KAWS vs Freeny conversationInappropriation” conversation, has no doubt led to “who bites/rips off who” commentaries … I certainly hope this does not distract from the awesome work seen here tho, IMHO.

Source: @kaws