THE JOKER for ThreeA Toys’ STEEL AGE line of 1/6th figures

On display at Wonder Festival 2017 [ Summer ] Sunday last at the ThreeA Toys display, was a look at THE JOKER from ThreeA Toys x DC Comics’ “Steel Age” line, featuring DC characters re-envisioned by Ashley Wood into a somewhat "mechanised" interpretation of their original characters.
"Ashley Wood has envisioned a new universe where the villains have won. The rebirth contingency plan is initiated – Steel Age. Robotic versions of the fallen heroes are forged. Constructed to wage war on crime. A new League to carry on their legacy of Justice."

We’ve seen various colorways of Steel Age BATMAN, and now we see the deranged Clown Prince of Crime complete with green hair, damaged cyborg face/eyes and TWO revolvers with long-ass-gun barrels!

THE JOKER would be the second character from “Steel Age” to released since the announcement of said line in 2014!

THE JOKER was first on display to the general public during the US VENTURE circa the San Diego Comic Con 2017 period (July 20–23) - with only a single gun in hand :p - for which I’ve attached further snaps to gawk at below :)

No further product nor availability details revealed as yet, so stay tuned to TOYSREVIL for updates! Or stay connected to 3A via Instagram + Twitter.

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