ThreeA Toys reveals THE PUNISHER in 1/6 at US Venture Epilogue

Seen on display at ThreeA Toys’ recent US VENTURE exhibition @ Spark Gallery (circa the San Diego Comic Con 2017 period / July 20–23), was first public debut of THE PUNISHER, standing next to Ashley Wood-designed “Captain America”.

The figure featured the white-on-black colors/style from the Marvel comicbooks, and wearing night-googles and totting a rifle (which looks a tad “small” for the Punisher, if you know what I mean :p) … scroll thru for more images, and here’s hoping the finished Punisher for pre-orders (no timeline revealed, sorry) comes chock full with MORE accessories, like grenades (C’mon, 3A can give him a duffle bag filled with grenades?!), or maybe a mini gatling gun? Hot Toys has! :p MUAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA

"Funny", as somehow we'd imagine using "white" in the costume/uniform would not be necessary "effective", even though we had accepted that in comicbook fiction, but thru the years in media (Film or TV), folks ways tried to dirty up the white surfaces much more! Makes you wonder tho, if "Frank Castle" actually bothered to physically wash his uniform / duo his laundry, or just wears the uniform over and over again, unwashed?


No further product nor availability details revealed as yet, so stay tuned to TOYSREVIL for updates! Or stay connected to 3A via Instagram + Twitter.

OG Punisher:

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