Threezero Teases #TheWalkingDead’s DARYL DIXON in 1/6th scale!

Hong Kong’s Threezero just revealed a teaser image for their DARYL DIXON 1/6th scaled collectible figure … and I realised I haven’t posted about their NEGAN 1/6th (beyond the teaser) as yet - who is currently on preorders here (for USD$168 / Delivery Date: Estimate 1st quarter 2018)!

Nevertheless, the pic shows a sleeveless “Daryl”, with seamless rubber muscled arms “folded” at the elbows - something you cannot deny the scaled acton figures for having, alas … my memories of which will always flashback to the first time I saw and owned a seamless rubber arm, from Dragon Model’s “Russell” Vietnam War soldier - circa 2003 - “hot” off the success of Ridley Scott’s “Gladiator” film, when folks were clamouring for the “Russell Crowe” headsculpt! I myself only managed to snag him literal years later too lol

(Above pics via OSW)

… and of course the uber-schweet crossbow accessory is enticing - something which I would have gagged to have in this scale, even before THE WALKING DEAD invaded the television landscape, the toy-hoarder I am I was … *cough* … If I were able to, I’d be sourcing the www for seperated/loose parts listing for the crossbow ONLY hahahaha … “if”.