TOY REVIEW: Draculobster (Ice Cool Edition) from Michael Skattum x GUMS Productions

Draculobster” is the name of this character created by USA-based “low brow” artist Michael Skattum, and made into a sofubi figure by GUMS Productions of Hong Kong. Draculobster is one of two figures from Skattum by GUMS - including “Alien Lazer” that has since been released in multiple colorways, and made available in limited locales and quantity (no exact numbers revealed).

This particular colorway edition we are looking at today, is the ICE COOL Version, in anticipation of this edition’s first public debut at the weekend’s Soft Vinyl Festival 2017 at Angel Abby (Aug 5-6), which I had previously featured.

Thank to Benny at GUMS, I am able to have this figure in my hands, and I’d love to share snaps and my humble thoughts on Draculobster!

Quantity-wise, there is again no specific numbers revealed, but the current SRP will be HK$500 at SVF2017, after which an online release is to be expect from Gums and direct from Skattum himself.

I would advice folks that might be interested in previous or future editions/releases to stay connected to Instagram @gumsproductions to see updates of WHEN this edition might go online, and check out Instagram @draculazer for more of Skattum’s art!

Now coming back to the collectible at hand, the glossy-smooth figure itself stands at an imposing (nearly) 10 inches tall (approx. 25cm), and features 4 x points of articulation: Neck/head, arms and torso.

Personally, it was the size of the final figure that added to my attraction of the figure, in addition to the designed form. I may not have been what you would call a “Purveyor” of this particular genre of collectibles, but I feel a tinge of “poison” creeping uo under my skin and spreading the “toy poison of desire”! LOL

The character was digitally sculpted by Thailand 3D Artist / Character Artist / Toy sculptor Pavee Keawmafai, and does an exceptional job re-creating Skattum’s 2-dimensional drawing into a 3-dimensional figure, and then having it made into an actual collectible by GUMS Productions, with the result being a very sturdy and hard vinyl figure, with a hint of heft.

And while I am not privy to turnaround drawings from Skattum, I can only imagine having to interpret his low-brow tattoo-art styled illustrations to a 3-D sculpt, is an applaudable artwork from Pavee!

The finished figure is seamless - but for the articulated areas, which “fits” perfectly in place when they are “standing straight”, but when articulation is evoked, leaves shape differences/gaps, especially at neck and torso areas, not so the arms. The spaces left behind is negligible, and is by far made up for with it’s awesome aesthetic!

Colorwise, the finish is a mixed hue of cool blue tones, possibly on a light blue colored base figure (my speculation), for which I am told is subtly with an extremely subtle glow-in-the-dark effect.

And while there is that fade paint effect (that is the current rage across all toy genres) = most notably the front-of-chest, and center of body back, and the center of face, and arms, there is a more defined white paint used on the feet-claws, nails, arm-ridge spikes, and teeth, and as well defined light blue-”drips” of the melting body.

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Currency adjusted to SG$87 / US$64, the price is pretty attractive for a project of this make and size, IMHO. The one thing about both Draculobster and Alien Lazer, is that there are quite a number of colorway editions, so you’d not tire of this piece / pair as quickly, perhaps? And with a new Skattum-toy coming from GUMS (eventually), these might not be just one-hit-wonder-figures too, methinks!

And while we are seeing Draculobster in this colorway, out there is ALSO A Alien Lazer in this colorway too!

AND the figure stands form on it’s own two feet, so I am totally with Two-Thumbs UP for this Draculobster!


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