TOYSREVIL Wishes Singapore A Very Happy 52nd Birthday!

#TOYSREVIL wishes Singapore a HAPPY 52nd National Birthday today August 9th! And of course to all toy-collectors in SG = a fab toy-day to you!

And while the country celebrates the nation's birthday, and folks around expound the virtues of Singapore-made goods, I'd love to give a sharp salute and "THANK YOU" to folks in the local toy culture who design and make their very own toys! It's not very often we have a "MADE IN SINGAPORE" tag, featuring designers from the +65, but we're getting there! And I personally truly hope to to be able to do up a "TOP 53 MADE/DESIGN-IN-SG TOYS", maybe next year? (Or "54" the year after, or "55" so on so forth... :p). TOY-ON, Singapore!

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Featured here in this image are all designed-by and made-by brands and toy makers in the +65:

(Top-left) LUNAR CREEP created & made by Daniel Yu.

(Top-right) HELL LOTUS designed by CLOGTWO (#onTOYSREVIL) & made by Mighty Jaxx.

(Bottom-right) YEODAH created by Yeo Hon Beng of Detention Barracks (& resin cast by Daniel Yu).

(Bottom-left) CULTURED designed by Sam Lo / SKL0 (#onTOYSREVIL) & made by Mighty Jaxx :)

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Featured here in this above image are all designed-by artists & toy-folks in the +65 - including:

(Top-left) FIREFIGHTER designed by Shenzo & made by Masterpiece Collectibles.

(Top-right) WU KONG designed by ANTZ & made by Bandung-based My Tummy Toys.

(Bottom-right) DARUMAO created by Sarah Isabel Tan.

(Bottom-left) (Red) VADER GRENADE designed & #3D-printed by Han Yew Hock (*Available to Purchase Online HERE).

DISCLAIMER: Of course there are MORE #MadeinSG goodies out in the market, but these are the ones I personally own, so ... What are YOUR choice(s)? Feel free to post about them in the comments section below in this blogpost! Thanks for Sharing! :)