What’s Up @ Artist Market for Illustration Arts Fest 2017? (Aug 12-13)

I picked up these miniature Red ”Kopi Tiam Chairs*” from the #SingaporeDesignStore table at last year's Art Market at Illustration Arts Fest (“gacha cat drinking-from-bowl” not included :p) … So what will we have for this year's IAF2017? Opening August 12-13th at LASALLE College of the Arts (@ 1 McNally Street, Singapore)!

Folks interested in attending this event can check out the List Of Exhibitors at the Artist Market here on illustrationartsfest.org (Entrance is FREE! Only panel talks and workshops charge admission).

Folks boothing: Please feel free to tag me "@toysrevil" (on Instagram) to let me know what you'll be offering at the weekend event (with your IG pic, of course), and I'll try to blog-pimp you/your art/stuff! OR feel free to email me direct at "toysreviler[at]gmail.com".

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FYI: The ”Kopi Tiam Chairs*” are essentially a staple seen in most neighbourhood coffee shops, and alas, funerals (*BUT they are WHITE in color for Chinese Funerals, okay?) at void decks of HDB flats, and some festive occasions organised by the “Residents Committee” for grassroots events.These chairs are not restricted to just in Singapore :)

(Insert pic of red chair via themalaymailonline.com).