BABY BUFF by KAZE Studio for Pre-orders beginning Sept 15th

Does a buffalo go "moo"? :p

KAZE Studio operating out of Thailand has been at the forefront of CUTENESS, especially with his polar bear “Denchai”, and as well a seemingly smooth and crispness to his designed creations that I could only admire from afar, and his latest character creation is poised for a pre-order starting the end of this week, with BABY BUFF (Buffalo) & HAT coming in with 6 Colorways + 1 DIY Edition!

Baby Buff

Posted by Kaze_studio on Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sized 7.2 x 9cm, with a diorama sized 12 x 2.2cmm there’s a caveat to the pre-orders that need YOUR help to make toy-true!

Currently the piece is planned to be in Polystone Resin, BUT if the pre-orders are over 250 sets, the figures will upgrade to Soft Vinyl!

Pre-order begins Friday, September 15th @ 7.00 PM (UTC+7) and period closes end of September 2017. Delivery of items estimated to be between January - March 2018.

You can pre-order via or email direct at “koson.tee@gmail” (Tell him TOYSREVIL SENT YOU, yeah? :p), and you have a quartet of package choices to be had!

- PACKAGE EX is priced at US$90 and includes (1) Baby Buff, (2) Scarf, (3) Bell & Necklace and (4) Stone Base.

- PACKAGE #1 is priced at US$80 and includes (1) Baby Buff, (2) Scarf and (3) Bell & Necklace.

- PACKAGE #2 is priced at US$60 and includes (1) Baby Buff and (2) Scarf.

- The DIY Edition of Baby Buff is US$55 each.

*All above prices include shipping worldwide!

NOTE: *Color Figure Complete different from monitor 15-20%