“Blade Runner 2049” Prequels from Luke Scott

BLADE RUNNER 2049 director Denis Villeneuve had invited filmmakers to direct a trio of “prequel” short films, bridging events unfolding after “2019”, and before “2049” - the year of the upcoming, highly anticipated feature film. Featured here today are shorts directed by Luke Scott (2016 “Morgan”, prequel shorts to “Alien: Covenant”).

2036: Nexus Dawn” (featured above) stars Jared Leto as “Niander Wallace”, and his splendid evocative poise that makes him an exceptional actor of this age, IMHO.

Featured below this is “2048: Nowhere to Run” - showcasing the character “Sapper Morton” - played with excellent vulnerability by Dave Bautista!

Mind you, these shorts are technically not inside/apart-of the feature film per se, unlike the recent featured "Bigger Than You" clip, but are meant to complement the world/lore of “Blade Runner” - much like the recently announced “Blade Runner: Black Out 2022” anime from Shinichiro Watanabe (for Sony Japan) expands said world/lore/history - which, do pardon me for a lack of vocabulary - is ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!

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Folks’ adoration for actor Jared Leto is justified - Juz sayin’! (Select screengrabs for for “2036: Nexus Dawn” uploaded HERE on #popcornX FB)

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The messy streets look like the state of my bedroom! Haha ... And I love the homage of the OG 1984 film with replicating snakes! (Select screengrabs for “2048: Nowhere to Run” uploaded HERE on #popcornX FB)