DKE Toys @ #NYCC 2017 (Batch 2/3): Little Lazies, RYCA, Junk Fed, and Dollar $lice Bootlegs

The second batch of Exclusives to be had from DKE Toys’ Booth #678 at New York Comic Con 2017 (Oct 5-8) include indie art toys from Little Lazies, RYCA, Junk Fed and Dollar $lice Bootlegs!

Scroll thru to find your poison, and check out other goodies to be had at DKE@NYCC HERE #onTOYSREVIL!

“LUCKY CHEW” by Little Lazies features each 2” tall hand sculpted figures by Leah Lester, in a signed and numbered edition of 35pcs, each priced at only US$55. (Instagram @littlelazies)

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The Stay Fresh Man by RYCA
Hand cast and painted 6" carded figure
Signed and numbered edition of 30
"UK Street artist RYCA had such a huge success at SDCC with Wampapi that he had to make more BIG STUFF. Each piece is almost 1.5 pounds of resin on hand silk screened and laser cut card back. He even vacuforms his own blisters. Stay Fre$h is a hustler from the mean streets of 80's NYC, after getting blasted by four guys in '84, he never goes anywhere without his vest."
TWO figures from UK Street artist RYCA (Instagram @ryca_art) for NYCC in the appropriated form of (Above) “The Stay Fresh Man” and (Below) “Recycle the Giant”!

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Recycle the Giant by RYCA
Hand cast and painted 5" carded figure
Signed and numbered edition of 20
"RYCA said that Andre never got a chance to wear his own shirt. Here the famous meme is now recycled as a figure. Reminiscent of the 90s Hasbro WWF figures. "

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This is what looks to be the final installment of Junk Fed's Space Madness series. The Mirror version of our favorite Vulcan! Space Madness Mirror Universe Spocktrooper features hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figures, in a signed and numbered edition of 20pcs, each priced at US$80.

G.I. Blow the Crusty Clown” by Dollar $lice Bootlegs is as “naughty” as you imagine it to be. Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure, in a signed and numbered edition of 30, each priced at US$55. Features “magnet” articulated, which you might well enjoy posing the figures with, IF you ever remove it from the blister backing-board packaging, that is!

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