Eric So for #BTS2017 Beijing Toy Show 2017 (Sept 9-10)

Eric So will be offering up a series of exclusives for his tenure at the coming weekend’s 2017 Beijing Toy Show (Sept 9-10). I have personally much love for, and respect Mr So's designs thru my toy-collecting years, and I am hella excited for the reveals!

ESTATE EDISON 2017 sees Eric giving new form and colors to the Edison vinyl figure - released circa 2011 with CLOT (Edison Chen’s clothing label) x JUICE! And while I am unsure if this current incarnation still includes the USB device, it would be amazing to own a slice of re-history, IMHO!

As well updated to the new millennium is this ESTATE SAM 2017 Subcrew Version! Eric’s “Estate Sam” from 2001 is one of the key figures in the evolution of early toy-history of Hong Kong vinyl toys, when he introduced the “ESTATE” line, featuring characters of everyday Hong Kongers, instead of skateboarding urbanised characters in the “urban vinyl” era, and in this particular instance was of actor “Sam Lee”!

Sam Lee is now apart of the Subcrew, so this is a swell and ideally apt incarnation to be had, IMHO! The “submarine” object seen in the image is from Subcrew.

Also available at Booth B08 at #BTS2017 is the WHITE KNIGHT COTTON CANDY (above), made with Unbox Industrioes … and featured below is the SCORUING PAD PAD BRYANT edition of Eric So’s Spongebob-take!

No prices revealed for any of these beauties, so you’d have to stay connected to IG @sofuneric for updates!