FOO PUP by Reactor88

Making a debut at the coming New York Comic Con 2017 (Oct 5-8) exclusively via myplasticheart (Booth #888) is Reactor88’s newest+latest resign figure: FOO PUP!

UPDATED: Price is US$40 per 4-inch long cutie, with no quantities revealed as yet.

Known for his custom-painted art on a variety of toy figures in the past, this original sculpt by the artist Ryan Crippen sees a branching out of his “totem”-styled aesthetics, and with NYCC-Edition hand-painted gold with red details!

Scroll thru for a closer look at "Foo Pup", along with a mini Q&A with Ryan himself!

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TOYSREVIL: Foo Pups are looking awesome! What's their genesis? Quite a visual departure from your “usual” Totem-art, IMHO.
RYAN CRIPPEN: "I’ve always been a big fan of Foo dogs – I have a small collection of them. I drew a little sketch of a playful Foo dog awhile back, and it seemed like it would make a good toy. I’m actually branching away from Totem work a bit, and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at creating my own toys – so I figured this was a good place to start." (Read more about the figure's origins on Ryan’s blogpost).

TOYSREVIL: These are your first self-produced toys! Bring us thru how they came to be, and what plans you have for them in the future?
RYAN CRIPPEN: "I modeled this in 3D with ZBrush, and then got it 3D printed a few times, making tiny adjustments along the way. Once I was happy with it, I prepped the final 3D print to use as a mold master, and started trying to pour my own solid casts."
RYAN CRIPPEN: "They never quite came out to my standards, so I went with Rotocasting by hand. I got much better results although it’s a lot more work. If this is well received at NYCC, I plan to continue to make some other colorways and stuff - crossing my fingers..."

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