Funko Does Mad Max: Fury Road - in Pop!Vinyls, Rock Candy & Mystery Minis

This was announced last week, but hella fun toynews is always worth blogging about anytime, especially if they are MAD MAX related (“SHINY & CHROME!”), and Funko lays on their merchandising clout for a license sorry lack in the “collectible toys” arena, IMHO! But what this line REALLY NEEDS, are Pop!Rides! ”Oh what a day! What a Lovely ToyDay!” that would be, indeed!

FUNKO MAD MAX FURY ROAD Rock Candy Mystery Minis

Rock Candy: Mad Max Fury Road
FUNKO PRESS: ”Furiosa escapes her tyrannical ruler to lead a rebellion, and now she’s our newest member of Rock Candy!”

Mystery Minis: Mad Max Fury Road
FUNKO PRESS: ”Now featured as Mystery Minis, you can collect different versions of Max, Furiosa, Nux, and Coma! In addition, Capable, Immortan Joe, Rictus Erectus and the Valkyrie! Unwrap the fun! Which one will you get?”

Pop! Movies: Mad Max - Fury Road
FUNKO PRESS: ”This series of Pop! vinyl features War Boy Nux, The Valkyrie, Coma Doof the blind guitarist, Lord of the Citadel Immortan Joe, his wife Capable, and Furiosa - complete with steering wheel to drive the war rig. In addition, Max himself! Look for the chase variants of Immortan Joe and Furiosa. Each a rarity of 1-in-6!”

MAD MAX FURY ROAD Exclusive Pop Vinyls

Look for exclusives!
Pop!Vinyl Mad Max - Fury Road - Nux with Goggles (Funko Shop exclusive)
Pop!Vinyl Mad Max - Fury Road - Coma-Doof with flames (Only at Target)
Pop!Vinyl Mad Max - Fury Road - Furiosa Missing Arm (Only at Hot Topic)
Pop!Vinyl Mad Max - Fury Road - Max with Cage Mask (Only at WalMart)