Introducing LUMISOFVI from Lumicar - featuring character designs from T9G, Shoko Nakazawa & Konatsu!

Model Car specialists LUMICAR has prepared a trio of releases for the coming Taipei Toy Festival 2017, with the introduction of “LUMISOFVI” - featuring character art by T9G, Shoko Nakazawa and Konatsu, in this first line-up of Artist Series model cars!

Featured a stylized-“chibi”-styled vehicle design, EVERY character needs his/her own mode of transport, no? BEEP-BEEP!

Lumisofvi cars and soft toys are separable, and they can be merged into a car form, and like Lumicar models showcased before, can be placed on their own dedicated USB base with LED light-up function (See video below). Previous releases of the cars were die-cast, while “Lumisofvi” will feature vinyl / sofubi material.

Stay tuned for further reveals and product details, and make sure you head on to TTF booth #B-02, come October 7th to 10th! Stay updated with LUMICAR on Facebook +

(Cheers for the headsup, Toby!)

WHAT-IS: ""Lumicar" (ルミカー) is a new series of model cars featuring an innovative hidden light bulb inside the car without any battery, but will light up when the car is placed on their "secret base"." (Previously blogged)