KAIJU HUNTING by Paradise Toys for #TTF2017

Taiwan’s Paradise Toys has unveiled a new series of (mini?) figures featuring a spectacular line-up of artists/toy-designers - including kaiju artist DAN, Dehara Yukinori, Konatsu, Shoko Nakazawa, T9G, and Uamou!

The series is named “KAIJU HUNTING”, and the first figures are revealed to be in clear vinyl, with painted “eyes”. Also featured here today is the prototype sample of T9G’s "RASOGIMASU" in-hand (scroll to bottom of this post to view) - which somewhat shows the "size" of the figures, averaging VAG/"Vinyl Artist Gacha" from Medicom Toy (maybe?), and hopefully something affordable to collect the entire line-up, IMHO :)

Expect a Taipei Toy Festival 2017 (Oct 7-10) drop for these all-original sculpts.

"[KAIJU], monster in Japanese. In decades of Japanese Si-Fi history, Japanese Kaiju got it’s own culture. While the trend of designer toy growing years ago, different the design language of western artists, a group of Japanese found their muse in Kaiju culture, some original Kaijus with unique Japanese touch are developed. The western media has described them as Neo Kaiju or Kaiju.

When Designer Toy becomes popular, these Kaijus surely become the targets of collectors, collectors tried to get these amazing Kaijus into their own collection through all kinds of platforms, as hunting Kaijus."
"After working with 6 artists as Dan、Dehara Yukinori、Konatsu、Shoko Nakazawa、T9G、Uamou for over a year, Paradise is ready to start the project “Kaiju Hunting”, which contains multiple contents.

The first part of it is the exhibition “Kaiju Hunting”, with the support of the TTF organizer Monster Taipei, the exhibition of 6 artists will be held in the special area A in TTF. They will exhibit their works of past 10 years or over, including dead stock early products, the original sketches and designs, even prototypes never been produced.

“Kailu Hunting” is a project Paradise made for all Kaiju lovers, through this exhibition in Special Area A, we hope the fans could see more of the past of Japanese Kaiju art history, and we hope you will like it."

Here is a closer look at "SEEDLAS" sculpt from Shoko Nakazawa, named because ”he looks like a seed and he is ADORABLE! Feels as if he is the "sapling"/"Byron-baby", that later grows up to stand on his hind-legs and TA-DAA: Byron!

What IS actually a “evolution” of species, is T9G’s “RASOGIMASU” - which he had mentioned is a “a larva of RANGEAS” (RASOGIMASU > RANGERON > RANGEAS)!!! #moretoystolustafter