KONFORMATOR by Scumbag Mutant x Uncanny Resin Toy & Music Singles Release


Alternative/indie rock trio unit from Indonesia, “Uncanny”, will be releasing a new (double) single, with a collaboration with toy artist, Scumbag Mutant, along with two record labels, Cut Your Ears (CYE!) Records and Royal Yawns.

The collaboration produces two singles that will be included in a fictional character made by Scumbag Mutant called Konformator. The two singles, Lone Survivor and Three Past Thirty will be carried by Konformator within a USB flashdrive.
"It was initiated by Scumbag Mutant who is currently active in the artist toy scene and eager to combine music and toy into a mixed-media," - explained Raafi Syahidan from CYE! Records.


Scumbag Mutant a.k.a Dimski, who is a creator of several character namely Hanxxo, Raflexxion, and Vengeful Tarxxius admits that he got the inspiration for Konformator from one of Uncanny’s Ferris Wheel EP song.
"The toy (Konformator) was actually heavily inspired by the song “Conform”. However, their (Uncanny) new two songs also become my mood booster in visualizing Konformator’s look. To be honest, I got the final visualization of Konformator after listening those two songs.” explained Dimski, ”Konformator as a “corporate slave” who dedicate his life to make ends meet. “Konformator is an agent of change, changing inhumanity in the society. Where power to control is everything.” (Read more of the Official Release HERE on Facebook)

Konformator is now open for pre-order through bit.ly/konformator in form of bundling package limited only to 24 pieces for USD#55. The bundling package includes the toy with the album, t-shirt, and zine is available to be pre-ordered since August 25th 2017 until September 20th 2017, and available for worldwide shipping.

UNCANNY’s Social Media: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter / Ferris Wheel EP
Scumbag Mutant Social Media: Instagram @si_dimski / Online Shop