Mighty Jaxx’s Sept 2/2017 Drops

Mighty Jaxx unleashes for pre-orders this Saturday September 2nd a trio of art toy collectibles via www.mightyjaxx.com - one of the biggest haul of original toy drops from this Singapore toy-maker brand yet!

Scroll thru for a closer look(s) at the latest incarnation of a fairytale princess, a urban x pop-art collaboration, and a collectible with BLING~!

All these and Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con 2017 (Sept 9-10) and Mighty Meets to look forward to next weekend? MJ sure is celebrating their 5th anniversary BIG, people!

STAPLE X RON ENGLISH is a 8" (20cm) PVC Art Collectible (Quantity unknown) priced at US$120.00 per, with a 1st quarter 2018 ship date.
MIGHTY JAXX PRESS: "Following the success of our previous collaboration, we came together with Staple Design once again to work with yet another talented visual artist— Ron English. The American pop iconoclast popularised by his signature fusion of varying cultural touchstones features themes from current pop icons to past historical art figures. In our latest joint effort with Staple Design, English lends us a touch of his signature skull grin on The Pigeon that symbolises the grit and perseverance of New Yorkers and undoubtedly influenced Staple’s extensive collection."

FAIREST OF THEM ALL by Djohan Hanapi is a 8" (20cm) Polystone Art Collectible (200pcs worldwide) priced at US$120.00 each, and utterly LOVING this incarnation!
MIGHTY JAXX PRESS: "If you’re looking for prince charming and happy endings, you might want to pick another fairytale. Popularised by his provocative take on Disney princesses, Djohan Hanapi brings us a delightfully sensual tale about a sultry black-haired maiden on a pursuit of gratifying pleasure and titillating self-discovery. Leaving her nagging prince, animal friends and annoying little dwarfs behind, The Fairest of Them All can’t wait to savour her newfound freedom!" (PRODUCT SHIPS IN 1ST QUARTER 2018)

WELCOME TO THE DARK $IDE BY TIMMYSNEAKS X D'USSÉ is priced at US$400.00 - with this sized 8" (20cm) Polystone Art Collectible available in three editions: SILVER, GOLD and ROSE GOLD.
MIGHTY JAXX PRESS: "Welcome to the Dark $ide! As we meld Boston-based mixed media artist Timmy Sneak’s pop creations with Jay-Z’s drink of choice— the luxurious and bold D'USSÉ Cognac. The product of this partnership takes the form of relatable pop culture character while boasting a rich chrome exterior, fitting of the cognac’s swanky image. A must-have for those with a taste for the finer things in life!" (PRODUCT SHIPS IN 4TH QUARTER 2017)

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