MITT RID3R by six twentyeight for Lottery Sale - Celebrating First Anniversary!

OMG - Totally Adore the “Kamen Rider”-homage, and the helmet design is the perfect touch, iMHO!

6 28 celebrates the First Anniversary of his sofubi MITT with a Lottery Sale of "MITT RID3R" - with this custom painted set limited to only 5, each set priced at US$88 per (includes shipping / Payment by PayPal), and you’ll have to do the following:

- Follow @six_twentyeight
- Repost this pic
- Type @six_twentyeight & #mitt_lottery_1

Lottery Sale has since started and will end Sept 17th (24:00 Japan time).
Only winners will be contacted by direct mail on Sept 9th. Good Luck, people!

I’ve been slower to have discovered ”MITT" The Bumper Racer, thankfully six twentyeight gave me a headsup about his sofubi creation in time for it’s Jan 15th launch, and we’ve seen seeing a constant run of micro-editions being released (an edition once a month since it’s launch?), which showed a refreshingly vibrant breath of original-designed toy-air, for both the toy scene, and the artist, IMHO.

Be sure to CLICK HERE to view all the MITT-Editions featured on this blog, and (re)enjoy the lil’slideshow video I made of the first “Milky White” Version release!