MUSHROOM KID by Liyan of 6HL6

Liyan of 6HL6 in China gives us a headsup about her delightful MUSHROOM KID!

Available in 2 sizes: “Original” and “Double”, they can be purchased (by international buyers) by emailing “” to submit purchase information (PayPal: Here’s what’s to look forward to:

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ORIGINAL Editions (Size: 2×2.2×5 inches)
Material: Vinyl
Five Colors available: Brown, light pink,
light green, light mint green, and laser silver.
Quantity: Each colorway is limited to 30 pieces.
Price: US$60.5 each
All of them are painted by the artist.
Estimated delivery at the end of October.

DOUBLE Edition (Size: 4.1×5.9×9.85 inches)
Material : Vinyl
Color: Star light black
Quantity: this edition is limited to only 16 pieces.
Price: US$182 each.
Painted by by the artist.
Estimated delivery at the end of October.

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"Mushroom kid is a lively person at ease , It sits there, busying with its own affairs, as if the world were only itself left. Whether the wind is blowing or the bird calls, it always focuses on its own heart … just as there is a firm heart under soft body."

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"Hoping I can use this work to remind myself that I can achieve things by myself through my mind and hands, to be able to enjoy my peaceful and comfortable time in such colorful and ever-changing world.

I'm so glad to bring you my debut art toy ! (I had started to sculpt this) from the end of 2016, while the making-of process was constantly interrupted by various events. After more than half a year, I can finally share it with you!"
- shard Liyan.
"I love them so much, so I couldn’t help picking up 6 mushrooms at one time :)

5 of them are in original size, which have 5 different colors: Brown, light pink, light mint green, laser silver and light green (glow in dark), and one is in double size, in the color “Star light black”."
(Cheers for the headsup, Liyan, and may Mushroom Kid travel the world!)