My Terrific Unbox Industries Toy-Scores from #STGCC2017

JagzZ” by Katsuya Kurosawa (@blackbox1978)
"Breadcat" by Rato Kim (@ratokim)
"DINO" by Ziqi Wu (of Monsterlittle)

And wile I’d previously featured Hong Kong toy-brand Unbox Industries exhibiting at Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con 2017 (Sept 9-10), THIS blog-post however, focuses on the trio of terrific toys I’ve had the pleasure of adding to my humble lil’collection from STGCC2017 itself!

Thanks to @ziqi_wu, @unboxleo and, I have a schweet line-up of goodies from one of my fav toy-brands currently out in the toy-world!

Scroll thru for peeks ar Instagrammed snaps and videos, and stay connected to Ubox via their Instagram @unboxindustries, and CLICK HERE for continued coverage of Unbox #onTOYSREVIL!

Exciting Friday morning as I open a package from, revealing a #BreadCat #sofubi within - SIGNED by @ratokim! I am so utterly filled with toyjoy hahahaha THANK YOU! LOVE the doodle! It’s a swell slice of toy-memory to be had as well, as it was #HorNest boss Choon Mong who had first introduced me to #RatoKim’s #BoxCat before I had her on the #TOYSREVIL-blog (and still do:, and to see her in SG for the past weekend’s #STGCC2017 (#onTOYSREVIL: - brought in by HorNest themselves, was honestly a treat to witness :) (Boss! you forgot to sign the card too! :p) Folks interested to purchase her #STGCC-exclusive Flower Breadcat are to proceed to ASAP! #toylife (Breadcat #sofvi made by @unboxindustries) #vinyltoy #madebyunbox

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