New “ARTIST MINI SOFUBI SERIES” Editions from INSTINCTOYS for Taipei Toy Festival 2017

Just when I had claimed a minor victory in scoring these toys, a stress-inducing-score of NEW editions has since been unveiled for INSTINCTOYS’ “ARTIST MINI SOFUBI SERIES”!

Revealed before the weekend, were the PINK X GREEN Versions of this line-up of characters from T9G × SHOKO NAKAZAWA × INSTINCTOY (see up top), to be unleashed via PARADISE booth (A20~A22) at Taipei Toy Festival 2017 (Oct 7-10)!

I’m certainly hoping these’ll be “open editions” that could be made available for various events after TTF … whereas the following, well, might prove to be “challenges” and grails that might defeat my enthusiasim, as the days draw closer to TTF….

Exclusive to PARADISE TOYS are the “G.I.D × Droplets Version” and the “G.I.D x Gradation Versions”! And while neither quantities nor prices are revealed at this time, I’m suggest folks stay sharp just in case!

Now the next item might well be harder to score, no doubt to pay an elevated amount on the secondary market, IMHO … (bracing myself for heartbreak): Witness the exclusive color way of “Mini Rangeron”!

A collaboration creation between T9G and SHOKO NAKAZAWA, THIS special exclusive color features the whole body coated with a glossy black paint, with gold splatter paint applied on the surface. All hand-painted, which makes each piece unique in final look.

Sponsored by both INSTINCTOY and Monster Taipei (organizer of the annual TTF), this edition is limited to only 500 pieces, and they will be offered to TTF as a free giveaway gift to the first 500 arrivals at the show, beginning October 7th! I am assuming these will be set aside for attendees, rather than exhibitors tho … (aaahhh I’m just sucking on sour-grapes because I’ll never be able to score these, all the way here in Singapore, would I? LOL).