New Clip for #BladeRunner2049 & That #BladeRunner Blaster Water Gun!

I’e been sadly guilty of missing out on newsery for the upcoming BLADE RUNNER 2049 feature film, but am hoping to address that soon, starting with THIS clip, of Ryan Gosling’s character “K”, and a decidedly “less urban-city” look at the highly anticipated film!


I am actually pretty cuffed with this clip, as it does not show the cityscape - something what which we've been "accustomed" to from the first Ridley Scott film from 30 years ago - but is also excited to see a landscape and ecology beyond the uber-commercialized "civilization". We always want "more of the same", but something "new" always seem more interesting than "something different", IMHO. Directed by Denis Villeneuve ("Sicario", "The Arrival"), "Blade Runner 2049" premieres globally October 6th, 2017.

(So, would YOU buy a replica of K's badge as a "memorabilia"?)

Also stay tuned to my film blog at #popcornX for more updates, and I’d like to bring your attention (if you do not already know of this, I’m slow that way :p) to a current toy-obsession that I certainly hope one day will be sorted: A Blade Runner Blaster WATER GUN!

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I was first clued in it’s existence by Eldred circa Wonder Festival, and have been seeing it pop into folks collections via score-snaps online, and I certainly hope to join them soon on owning one - OR TWO!

The "Clear Black Type" (Brown handle colorway) is the classic version, while I suspect the "Clear Silver Type" (Blue Handle colorway) is the new “Blade Runner 2049”-version? Don’t care lah -iWANT!


Made and released in Japan by Elfin Knights Project, the official name for this beauty is "M2019 WATER BLASTER (Takagi Type)" (in case you need to search for it :p). Folks beyond Japan can score these online via auction sites, but bear in mind the initial retail price (apparently) was US$12 (SRP 1,296 YEN excluding tax) each? Excluding “shipping”, of course! So that US$250 version you see listed? “Double Check” again! Adam Savage of TESTED tests out the gun, and thanks to him, I WANT IT EVEN MOOOOORE! Dammit I'm loosing my mind here...!