#NYCC217 Exclusives from Clutter Magazine (Part 1 Announced)

Clutter Magazine shares with us the first wave of Exclusives announced for New York Comic Con 2017 (Oct 5-8) - available via booth #575, with remaining pieces made available after NYCC at shop.cluttermagazine.com.

PRESS for KING KORPSE HALLOWEEN BLANK: "The 2017 Designer Toy Award's TOY OF THE YEAR! Designed by James Groman and produced by Japanese masters Instinctoys, this 12" soft vinyl goliath is set to destroy New York Comic Con!

Limited to 50 pcs total, there are only 25 pieces available in the United States exclusively through Clutter at NYCC, for US$400 per piece!

The newest King Korpse features the Roaring face sculpt and comes paired with an unpainted black skeleton woman. Photographs don't do the Vibrant Fluorescent Orange Soft Vinyl justice! You'll have to see it to believe it!

These will be sold via lottery system on Thursday and Friday, with any remainder available first come first serve for the rest of the weekend. Tickets will be given out from 11am to 1pm on both days with sales drawn at 1:30pm . Limited to 1 per person."

These Clutter exclusive purple/blue BAETYL BLOOMS by Kyle Kirwan, are hand-sculpted, hand-cast, hand-painted 5.5" tall resin pieces, each priced at US$50, and limited too an edition size of only 10pcs.

Fresh from Japan, and 100% SOFUBI! Rampage Toys' new and improved Hag-X head meets the SHB X-body. Produced in a flesh color vinyl, with metallic paint, this NYCC exclusive is an edition of just 8 pieces! First-come, first-served, UA$150 apiece!

Bootlegg's Stranger Things Brand: I'm The Monster "The Imposter Edition" by Special Ed Toys X MOC Toys is produced in an edition of 11 hand-signed and numbered pieces. Priced at US$120 each, they glow blue in the dark!
"Eleven has definitely seen better days. And although it's pretty apparent that the entity behind those clothes isn't Eleven (hint hint, the proof is in the decapitated head and hands), this imposter is still going to try to put one over on her friends in hopes that it can add their heads to the collection too..."