#playingwith COMMANDER JIM JIM (Dancing in the Galaxy Edition) from Acid Rain x GUMS Productions

Here are a few snaps and video looking at the “Dancing in the Galaxy Edition” (Announced) COMMANDER JIM JIM from Acid Rain x GUMS Productions!

This is the first color edition release, after the all-green “Vegan Commander”, whom bores the same “uniform” that is different to the PINK Colorway Commander Jim Jim (Yes, apparently they are two separate characters :p).

This hard vinyl character figure stands (slightly above) 9-inches tall (23cm), and possesses 5 Points of Articulation (Neck, Arms at shoulders x 2, Waist, and Legs x 2). As well the figure comes with a removable “helmet”, also made of vinyl.

The body-sculpt, which is exactly that of the earlier released “Vegan Commander”, features a somewhat “separate” body-harness - that is not apart of the body-sculpt - but is instead (seemingly) glued down to the body itself, creating a semblance of texture and depth, that intrigues me quite a bit (I need to bug Benny Fok about that later :p)

This is a sturdy figure with splendid sprays aesthetics. On first look (seen online), the colors seemed a tad harsh and frankly not as appealing as the simple one-colorer predecessor, but up close, in-hand, you can see the visual appeal, and somehow appreciate the non-traditional color-matches, IMHO.

And while I can hardly grasp the motivation nor style color-reference of this particular piece, what engaged me most, is the detail colors on the “helmet”! The “universal galaxy” white on black “sparkles” was a real nice touch to an otherwise color-confused individual that stood before me LOL

As well I am enjoying the colors of Commander Jim Jim’s “head” underneath the helmet, with his copper-gold x violet hair, and yellow eyes popping out of his glistening hawt pink face! I kinda like this haha

The figure comes in poly-bagged with header tag, and can currently (at time of this post) be procured at the 2017 Beijing Toy Show (Sept 8-10) via the www.chaihezi.com booth C29 C30 (Price unknown).

As a point of reference (but hardly conclusive evidence), was that the single colored Pink Jim Jim was priced at HKD$500 (approx. USD$64 / SGD$87) first available at Angel Abby for Soft Vinyl Festival 2017.

(Cheers to Benny for your generosity!)