Ron English’s CEREAL KILLERS Mini Figures now on pre-order

Since my first feature (back in Feb 2017), we now get to see clearly the entire line-up of Ron English’s upcoming CEREAL KILLERS 3-inch Mini Figures! Ad what is utterly cool about these, is that the box-art is unique to each character - which means this is not a “blind box” mystery set!

12 x characters to collect, and Tenacious Toys has them up for pre-order at US$119 for a full display case of 12, with a tentative October/November shipping.

Cap’N Corn Starch
Sugar Frosted Fat
Yucky Children Charmer
Sugar Smack
Franken Fat
Count Calorie
Froot Looped
Obesie O’s
Coco Puffed Paunch
Sugar Diabetic Bear
PRESS: "These amazing 3 inch vinyl figures are whimsical interpretations of classic children’s cereals that we at Toy Tokyo is sure everyone is familiar.

Ron English is well know around the globe by art collectors, and collectible vinyl toy collectors alike. His artwork is a combination of humor, social commentary, with a touch of the grotesque to keep things interesting.

The Cereal Killers mini figures are each approximately 3 inches tall and sculpted in vinyl. And, what makes the piece both beautiful, unique and collectible is not just the figure, but the boxes also. Each is an individual piece of design art, with cynical plays on classic cereal box advertising. So definitely do not throw the boxes away!"

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I personally have been gagging for the larger vinyl incarnations since “Fat Tony” (fer pete’s sake), but have never been able to afford the price range … until Sure, “size matters”, but it still needs to correlate with the size of my wallet and what can come out it, innit? Here’s hoping folks’ll retail these guys INDIVIDUALLY rather than an entire set tho… *crosses-fingers*

… I still want Tony, maybe the rabbit, and most def the “Sugar Diabetic Bear” - Dude’s my “familiar”! LOL :p