Seen @ Beijing Toy Show 2017 (Sept 8-10)

The 2017 Beijing Toy Show launched September 8th @ Beijing National Convention Centre , and we have snaps - courtesy of the www - to share! Exhibiting thru Sunday September 10th, this event coincides with Singapore’s own STGCC (Sept 9-10), we sees some brands exhibiting in BOTH locales too (which is kinda stressful, no doubt, but kinda cool).

Check out further event info via their Official Website @!

I’ve only briefly featured some goodies #onTOYSREVIL (including Eric So, Acid Rain x GUMS Productions, Six Twenty-Eight and Rato Kim), but from seeing these images on-site, there are TONS more awesomeness to be had! My utter DREAM is to visit an ALL-TOYS SHOW one-day, and this looks absolutely bonkers!

Best of luck for both exhibitors and toy-hunters at BTS!

Hello, Beijing! An event truly celebrating art toys--we are so glad to be here. Thank you for the invitation.

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