Seen@STGCC207: Unbox Industries

Unbox Industries was represented at two locations in two different countries lat weekend, at both 2017 Beijing Toy Show, and as well in Singapore for the 2017 Edition of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con! And at STGCC2017, Unbox was further represented in TWO sections of the convention floor too!

Scroll thru for peeks, and stay connected to Unbox via their Instagram @unboxindustries, and CLICK HERE to view continued coverage of Unbox #onTOYSREVIL!

@unboxindustries at #STGCC2017 display by #ActionCity. #toysrevilstgcc2017

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Spotted on show at the Action City both were both display showcases and products for retail a their counters, and as well the (since) Sold Out debut of ICE CREAM DINO (WHAT)- of BOTH it’s colorway editions too! The queue was insane and alas I walked away empty handed for this cutie!

Also a lil'toys-headsup here in SG, as Action City will be making available certain toys from Unbox - including Dino, Greenie & Elfie etc - so do check in at their stores for your select Unbox-toy-needs! (*No, they’ve not paid me to mention that lol).

On display off the main floor was Unbox’s own booth at Artist Alley (sharing with Ziqi Wu’s Monsterlittle), which had a showcase featuring “ONI WARRIOR(man, I am gagging for this), “THREE WITCHES” from @johnkennmortensen, “CLOUD” by @tikkafromeast (on sale via this Saturday Sept 16th), and a schweet line-up of the various colorways of ZiQi’s DINO! I’d even bugged ZiQi for copies of the illustration/artwork by Vachira Petmaneenilsai of Ice Cream Dino too! Alas that was only a one-off print …

Not everything advertised was on-show though (or they'd been snapped up already by the time I reached the booth :p) ... and I was really looking forward to Filter017's MIX BADGER too :)

All-in-all, Unbox-made products also littered the con-floor - from Jiangshi Acolytes at Daniel Yu's booth, to Daydream Nimbus at Kurobokan’s boothspace (with Pobber), to Rato Kim’s BreadCats at the HorNest booth … I’d found my terrific trio of toys from STGCC from one of my current fav toy-brands: “Unbox Industries”! How awesome is that?