Updated: ZEF SHADOW SQUAD Die Antwoord Ninja & Yolandi by ThreeA Toys for Sept 15-Drop

UPDATED: The “ZEF SHADOW SQUAD: has been officially announced for a September 15th drop exclusively via Bambaland.com! Figures are available separately (USD$160 each) and also offered up as a set (ZEF SHADOW SQUAD SET USD$310). You can view individual ad-images since uploaded HERE on Facebook, or check out the slideshow video I made (below), alas does not have music-audio, I’m afraid :p


Ashley Wood gives folks a headsup (on his IG) the coming drop for SHADOW LANDI and SHADOW NINJA via Bambaland.com this “Friday” (Presumably Sept 15th)!

Stay tuned for further details - including price(s) and if they are sold separately or as a set/pair … meanwhile more snaps!

One of the more unique collaborations currently in toy-land (IMHO), ThreeA Toys has since unleashed a number of 1/6th-scale versions of NINJA and ¥O-LANDI VI$$ER of South African rap-rave group DIE ANTWOORD.

The all-black Die Antwoord Ninja TK in "Blood Moon" Edition was released for 24hr sales on X’mas Eve 2015, but we’ve not had both in black releases until now … although we did have a peek at their clothes back in December 2016 :)

I constantly feature the figures, because I really like both the artists and the collectibles, and hope to one day somehow add them tp my own humble collections :)

(Additional image via @zef_alien)