T9G @ #STGCC2017

Japanese designer/Sculpture Artist known as “T9G” (www.muse-um.com) descended upon Singapore the second time for Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con, this time hosted by HorNest (He was here in 2016, hosted by FLABSLAB) - where he offered up to fans on our sunny island “Clear Blue x GID Marble” Edition NEKOTARO and RANGEAS - with the talk of the Con (at least amongst fellow art toy collector folks) was whether they managed to score a Rangeas or not! (Congrats if YOU did!)

Me? I’m going to try my luck at getting a VAG version instead (within my toy-means lah) LOL

“Stealthily” on display were also his plush KOTARO and a new character figure NEKOTARON (previously featured the “Making-Of”).

Scroll thru to view select snaps of his work and his time at STGCC- including signing toys and being a photographer for fellow artists!

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Besides his event-exclusive items for sale, his collaboration with Hiroto Ohkubo was also on display a the INSTINCTOY booth, with “Alex” looking a mean mecha fueled by the yummy red liquid! LOL Not too mention his (x Shoko Nakazawa’s) “Artist Mini Sofubi” with INSTINCTOY (my only regret is not being able to score the GID Editions from his booth).

If you do not already do so by now, I'd recommend you stay connected+updated via his Instagram @xt9gx and Facebook FTW!

Here’s hope he’ll be back to Singapore soon! This time I hope to have a proper "Hello" and a selfie with you! LOL

#INSTINCTOY edition Byron / Rangreas / Rangeron Artist Mini Sofubi from @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo x @shokonakazawa + @xt9gx FTW! I longed to have these since featuring them in my blog, and had prepped my $$$ especially to grab them at #STGCC and I was successful! From an unhappy incident from previous year's event, when I missed the drop at their STGCC booth (it was Byron Liquid) which "sold out" by the time the queue was my turn *sob* - I had even "sworn" not to buy any "Byrons" from the on too lol ... So, I'd not high hopes to score these ... Thank goodness there had been stock this year! The "set" would have been perfectly complete with the GID Editions from the artists - along with the artists signatures too (which is important to me, otherwise I can buy these online anytime, right?) ... but unfortunately I was told the booth was closed by the time I reached it ... I was so disappointed I couldn't really deal with the rest of the day, actually ... Something I have yet to learn to let go of what I cannot get haha ... Maybe one day, some convention somewhere somewhen I can complete my set ... Or maybe these are all I'll ever get to own ... I'm not too fond of the "hunt" these days tho haha #toylife #toysrevilstgcc2017score

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