TOSHI NEKO: NEKORO by Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx on pre-orders now!

The third vinyl figure to be unleashed from Clogtwo’s adorable “TOSHI NEKO” series is “NEKORO” - currently order able on … and if you, like me might not have noticed as clear upon first glance, then permit me to point out this lil’cutie bears the aesthetics in homage of Studio Ghibli’s “Totoro” The Dragon Cat! And his lil’friend? OMG - CUTE-untiiiilllll….!

Price is US$40.00 for this 4" (10cm) tall Vinyl Art Collectible, in an edition of 200, with product scheduled to ship 4th quarter 2017. If this were at STGCC2017, I would’ve found a way to grab it! LOL

Check out more images HERE on Facebook, because I cannot get enough of him! :)

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MIGHTY JAXX PRESS: "Meet Nekoro—the most benign kitty in the Toshi Neko clowder. With his adorable round eyes and pink pointy ears, this grey, bewhiskered kitten can practically charm anyone on the streets with his good nature. Hurry adopt him and his tiny companion today to create your purrfect lil’ home!"