TOYSREVIL's #STGCC2017 Toy-Scores

I gathered all my toy-scores in a single spot today (always an exciting fun time for me, I admit MUAHAHAHAHA), for an online glance (besides my earlier Instagram feature to drum up hype during STGCC2017 over the weekend) to share with you guys on TOYSREVIL :)

In the days to come I’ll be featuring closer looks at selected goodies gifted from friends. THANK YOU for your kindness and generosity, my friends! *man-hugs*

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And while it had been quite a challenge to afford my wants this year (and have tons of toy-cravings and wishes still, mind you lol), but in the end, the convention had since closed it’s doors, and time to move on (hey, I’ve even prepared a “TOP TEN TOYS I WANT AT STGCC” post, but decided it would’ve been too tragic to whine about what I missed and could not afford hahaha), and I’m grateful for those that I have in my humble little collection instead, and I am feeling the toy-joy! MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Truthfully though, with a severely diminished spending ability (which I have been bitchwhining about ad nauseam, I know :p), the “toy-hunt” proves less of a “thrill” than it used to be, and I can only hope NOT to be too disappointed with “missed chances” - which happens still, but I reckon that is just my #toylife :)

So how was YOUR toy-hunt at STGCC?


Here’s a glance at my #toysrevilstgcc2017score! Less than half shown here were bought with my own $$$, while others were generous gifts, for which I am mondo-grateful (OMG!) & these I’ll be taking a closer look at thru the week(s) here & #onTOYSREVIL, so stay tuned! Left-to-Right: #LonelyLinus by @fufufany.kao / Micro #HelpBot from @fallingorbsproject / Mini Mousezilla Finger Puppet from #blackbooktoy / Raspberry Glitter Kaiju Negora from @maxtoyco / Artist Mini Sofubi from @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo x @shokonakazawa + @xt9gx / #OzzoCollection Exclusive GID #ChefSquidiano from #mamemoyashi x @mikeozzo / #1000monster from @1000tentacles / DINO by @ziqi_wu x @unboxindustries / Lunar Cat resin head from @thedanielyu / #AClockworkCarrot DIM head from nigo_bbt / above: Season 1: Subway from @thesatanshop … #toylife

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#INSTINCTOY edition Byron / Rangreas / Rangeron Artist Mini Sofubi from @instinctoy_hiroto_ohkubo x @shokonakazawa + @xt9gx FTW! I longed to have these since featuring them in my blog, and had prepped my $$$ especially to grab them at #STGCC and I was successful! From an unhappy incident from previous year's event, when I missed the drop at their STGCC booth (it was Byron Liquid) which "sold out" by the time the queue was my turn *sob* - I had even "sworn" not to buy any "Byrons" from the on too lol ... So, I'd not high hopes to score these ... Thank goodness there had been stock this year! The "set" would have been perfectly complete with the GID Editions from the artists - along with the artists signatures too (which is important to me, otherwise I can buy these online anytime, right?) ... but unfortunately I was told the booth was closed by the time I reached it ... I was so disappointed I couldn't really deal with the rest of the day, actually ... Something I have yet to learn to let go of what I cannot get haha ... Maybe one day, some convention somewhere somewhen I can complete my set ... Or maybe these are all I'll ever get to own ... I'm not too fond of the "hunt" these days tho haha #toylife #toysrevilstgcc2017score

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Exciting Friday morning as I open a package from, revealing a #BreadCat #sofubi within - SIGNED by @ratokim! I am so utterly filled with toyjoy hahahaha THANK YOU! LOVE the doodle! It’s a swell slice of toy-memory to be had as well, as it was #HorNest boss Choon Mong who had first introduced me to #RatoKim’s #BoxCat before I had her on the #TOYSREVIL-blog (and still do:, and to see her in SG for the past weekend’s #STGCC2017 (#onTOYSREVIL: - brought in by HorNest themselves, was honestly a treat to witness :) (Boss! you forgot to sign the card too! :p) Folks interested to purchase her #STGCC-exclusive Flower Breadcat are to proceed to ASAP! #toylife (Breadcat #sofvi made by @unboxindustries) #vinyltoy #madebyunbox

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Sue Shi Yuan said…
My Haul:

Highlights were obviously getting Shoko Nakazawa to sign my VAG byrons since the bigger byrons on sale were out of my budget. Got free header cards too!! haha

Like you, I did not have much to spend, but looks like out taste are about the same. However, i do regret not getting the watari kappa, $50 a bit too exp
OOOh jealous of your signed VAG Byrons, @Sue Shi Yuan! And I'd really wanted the Watari Kappas too (yes our tastes are pretty much the same!) but yes, couldn't afford them both ... can't just get one and leave the other behind, ya know? LOL