Video Coverage of #STGCC2017 Singapore Toy Game & Comic Convention 2017

Whilst I enjoyed the toycon this year as an “Attendee”, there are tons of coverage from folks and fans - specifically videos of which I am featuring here today - including the above package, made by my friend Andrew at Skunkworks Interactive (why you no approve his media registration, Reed? :p), featuring a cameo appearance by myself! ”Narcissistic”, much? LOL

The truth is, it had been a reunion A DECADE IN THE MAKING! We last attended the toycon together in 2008 - the very first! - and reunited ten years later to peruse the 2017 Edition (along with his wife Josephine ~ *waves*) - Celebrating literally 10 Years of STGCC, on the 10th anniversary of STGCC! How can you top that type of Geek-DRAMA? LOL (Let's start calling that "G-Drama", shall we? MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA)

A decade of toycon? Huatness to your new endeavour @a_very_fierce_bear ! #peepsnTRE #stgcc2017

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Scroll thru for more videos from other channels, uploaded thus far on youtube! In absolute reality, these videos allow me a chance to see MORE of the event, that I have missed on the Saturday I’d visited the annual event! LOL

Am I missing anyone else? Leave the URL in the comments section below, thanks!