Deadpool's CABLE (& Old Man Cable) by Whereschappell / Cracked Hatchet

Disclaimer: As of this post, all listings on has since shown “SOLD OUT”, so don’t fret as much (AKA “no rush”) as you enjoy these images and info, yeah?

UK-based resin-slinger Wherechappell/Cracked Hatchet has since sculpted and released for pre-orders his interpretation of the celluloid “CABLE” - played by actor Josh Brolin in the coming “Deadpool” sequel!

Made available were TWO Editions - the “young” Cable, and “Old Man” version reminiscent of “Old Man Logan/Wolveine”) - all in a multiple of colorways, limited to 60pcs (across all editions) - which can be broken down to 6 colorways/options with 10pcs each-ish? Either way, it’s ROCK-N-ROLL!

Standing (approx.) 21.5cm tall, the figure itself is dyed resin, and wears a fabric “poncho”, and as well carries 3D-printed (and hand-painted) gun (Made by Robb Crafer / IG @r_crafer @albion_fx). And yes, if you are wondering, this is a “fan-made” collectible and is not officially licensed from the filmmakers :)

Priced at £89.99, pre-order was opened October 29th (at 8pm UK time), with shipping scheduled for end-December/early-January. (Inquiries to

You know I’d be down for the “X-Force” color way (not official name, I reckon) of Red-on-Black! The Teddy bear detail (seen on BACK of figure) is pretty much FTW!

Below: A “reminder” of the Josh Brolin/CABLE styled-look for #Deadpool2!