Maddy Norval’s Crystal Releases for Collect and Display’s (October) Monthly Artist Series 2017

Collect and Display shares with us their October month artist Maddy Norval and her “Crystal Caberfeidh and Abdabs” for their Monthly Artist Series 2017 releases!

To be released online via - scroll thru to have a closer look and find out about her magical creature creations, and as well check in with her Instagram @magweno for updates on her works and art!

WHAT-ARE: "Caberfeidhs live in dense and ancient pine forests. They tend to be quite foul tempered and show off a lot to impress the smaller abdabs. They make a characteristic hollow groaning noise which some people say sounds like someone blowing a raspberry down a didgeridoo.

These particular limited edition Caberfeidh have been found roaming deep in the ancient and mountainous forests of the Cairngorms. Each one has its own unique character with iridescent and glittering facets embedded in the resin. "

Crystal Caberfeidh” features a handcast resin head and feet attached to a soft beanbag body with a fake fur mane. This limited edition (roughly sized) 3.5" tall creature is priced at £45.00 each, and comes packaged in a gift box.

WHAT-ARE: "These creatures are know as Crystal Abdabs. There are many different types of Abdabs and they only seem to become visible to humans around Halloween, with this particular species one of the most curious, with their gem-studded heads.

The type of crystal a Crystal Abdab has tends to denote their temperament. These abdabs have hands, so you have to be really careful around them in case they try to pick things up. Come to think of it, you should hide all pointy objects and poisons from these abdabs...

These are smokey agate Crystal Abdabs. They seem to have a terrifying ability to read your memories which makes them woeful foes to have.. best to keep them entertained with mischievous pranks to stop them from turning on you.

The crystals on these abdabs are tricky to cast and each colour is hand-mixed so each Crystal Abdab has it's own unique aura."

The head, hands, feet and tail of “Crystal Abdabs” are cast resin from an original wax sculpt, with a soft beanbag body and fake fur mane.

Measured roughly 4.5" in height, with each creature priced at £85.00 each (=Comes packaged in a gift box), Crystal Abdabs are made in limited batches and due to the handcast and experimental nature of the crystals no two are ever the same. ”Highly limited edition.”