MASTERS OF THE MARTIAL ARTS from POP Prolific On Pre-Order Now!

Justin Volpe AKA POPprolific shares with us his new series of hand painted 5.5” resin figures in the works, dubbed “Masters of Martial Arts” - that folks who love pop-culture and retro cartoons might recognise …!
"They’re inspired by the body shape and construction of the Masters of the Universe figures and the gnarly sculpting style of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures." - shared Justin.


"I’ve always wanted to transport G.I. Joe's villainous Cobra characters to the sword and sorcery world of He-man's Eternia. So for this first wave of Masters of Martial Arts resin figures I have a set of Storm Shadow inspired characters, the Young Master and the Shadow Master, that are sculpted in a silhouette that echoes the stance of the vintage Masters of The Universe figures. To accompany them on their trip to Eternia is Don-At-Arms, an obvious fusion of two of the brightest minds in the universe." - added Justin Volpe.

A pre-order has since started online via, ending October 15th (this coming Sunday), whereby the edition size will be determined.
Justin added; "I’ll make enough figures to fulfill the pre-orders plus a few extra and then move onto the next wave of characters. There are a ton in this style that I would like to produce…”!

We're really going for that vintage feel, so here's a mock up of what the Masters of Martial Arts figures will look like. Originally I wanted to go full on old school with the packaging and create an actual card that the plastic bubble would be mounted on. But after weighing all my options I went with the #zoloworld #motu clamshell. The main reason was the fact that you could open up the packaging without ripping anything apart. And my second reason was space. We have tons of action figures both sealed and loose and they tend to take up a lot of space (in either form). I like that this clamshell is a bit shorter and more compact than the original #mastersoftheuniverse packaging but still gives you that same vibe... #donatarms #tmnt #heman #donetello #teenagemutantninjaturtles #donatello #ninjaturtles #manatarms #ninja #actionfigure #oldschool #vintage #resinfigure #custom #hemanandthemastersoftheuniverse #packaging #martialarts

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(Cheers for the headsup, Justin!)