Toy Review: "Edminion Earthbeing" by Riandi Sumadinata (Guest Reviewed by @darkbulb)

Richard AKA @darkbulb (*A collector in San Francisco with a passion for pocketable art*) has generously shared with TOYSREVIL his review of Indonesia toy designer Riandi Sumadinata’s “EDMINION EARTHBEING” (the figure launched at the SPACEMAN Exhibition in September) - exclusively featured here today in his own words, along with his own snaps!

"It is not often I'm as impressed by a ToyArt piece as I was this week when the "Edminion Earthbeing" by Sumadinata arrived in the mail all the way from Indonesia.

Everything was above expectations - from the packaging (that resembles a book) to the hand written date and serial number on his feet and hat - I mean even the *wrapping paper* had the Edminion image printed on it!"

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"The figurine itself is incredible well made in two pieces (hat comes off) and there are small subtle details you don't notice until the second time you look at it.

To me this is also a really interesting piece as it's his "Volume 4" in his self created "Epic drama of adventure and exploration" that takes us through characters and places across half a billion miles."
"It's a rather outstanding collection of art - both in 2D and, as in this case, 3D - and I advice everyone to check out his feed on IG @Sumadinata.

This piece was a limited run of 12 and it simply blows my mind that he was able to offer them at (sit down...) US$30!!

It has my vote for one of the most interesting and captivating art journeys this year. One that you can follow along with both through drawings and figurines."

Folks interested to snag this GREY Version (See below) 5-inch tall resin toy (which includes 'Teso' the UFO cum “hat”), are to DM @Sumadinata for availability.

Richard also shares with us that in November, the third Edminion Earthbound will be released - this time in all black and also limited to only 12 pieces! The release of “Book 5" in January will be of a completely new character.

Thanks for the review, Richard @darkbulb!!!!

Cheers and Enjoy :)