TOYSREVIL TOP TEN TOYS of 2016: #8 - HORNSKULL from Skullman / 13ART

WHAT-IS: It took some time - much longer than I anticipated -
but I’ve finally completed my personal TOP TEN TOYS of 2016!

CAVEAT#1: Items are to a part of my own personal collection, either purchased by myself, or gifted
to me, during the year of 2016. Essentially, this is a list of the toys that I already have, thanks.

CAVEAT#2: They could either be brand new toys released in the year of 2016, or they could have been
released earlier, but only owned or opened/deboxed in 2016. OLD is GOLD as far as I am concerned LOL

Enjoy The Toy-Joy, folks!

TOYSREVIL TOP TEN TOYS of 2016: #8 - HORNSKULL from Skullman / 13ART!

A splendid mix of “CUTE” with the edgy “menace” from his iconic-SKULLHEAD, heightened by the magnificent horns on its heads, and the deadly charm of the spikes and tail, Taiwan-based artist known as SKULLMAN AKA 13ART’s “HORNSKULL” character collectible really rocked my toy-world in 2016!

And while this maybe one of the earlier painted editions made available online, you are recommended to make your way to his own online shop @ to purchase yours (as I had mine, for this piece) with a different paint application (average price of US$65 per piece, excluding shipping), or hit him up for when he booths at different conventions and festivals, under the “Genesis4” Banner.